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A lot of people, like me, never met Sydney Banks. He uncovered an alternative psychology, now known as the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. I have found it to be a way of living life more naturally and with more ease and contentment.

I am on a journey to meet and film stories from the people who actually knew him.

These previously unheard stories help us see what Syd was all about, and that its not really about understanding how life works as much as living it..

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Possibilities with Bec Freeman

Bec Freeman loves diving into the unknown ... because thats where amazing possiblities lie waiting for us.

Everything you need is here..right here

Connected - our true nature

It's really great to remember that we are just part of a great big ecosystem, playing our part, doing our thing. Be in harmony with that. It's our true nature and a lovely way to be

My first full documentary..what a Journey!

I made this film with Elsie Spittle, Chip Chipman and with ‘Love’:-)

It started with a magical feeling in Glasgow June 2014 and led us to get married on Beautiful Saltspring Island July 2015

It’s published by The Three Principles Foundation and all proceeds go to help sharing these simple and wonderful principles more widely. So purchase the DVD or the download and you’ll be getting the Three Principles School in your own home..and..helping the Foundation doing good work

Help yourself too..I’ve had people tell me that watching this film made a big change for them

Download Genesis here

Chip Chipman tells us how his life has unfolded in a magical way..far better that he could ever have planned it.

Life can be like that for all of us

Feeling Life with Julian Freeman

Julian Freeman explains a way of living where uncertainty is certainty and the unknown is where your magical life is found

I love how good I am feeling in this film. I’m seeing the opportunity of life. I’m offering that

Are you seeing the excitement of it all? I hope so

3 Hs

Lets look at the kind of films I make and the change I want to be in the world. I hope you feel the positive feeling of this film and maybe, just maybe, you'd be inspired to make that film with me?

Humility, Hope, Humour and above all Humanity