Behind You!

An excerpt from ‘Life Beyond Money’ by Julian Freeman

Have you ever been to a good old fashioned pantomime where the ‘Baddie’ always makes their entrance by trying to creep up on our hero? It’s our job, as the audience, to shout and holler

“he’s behind you!”

To which our hero turns in the wrong direction and asks

“where is he? I don’t see anything”

We shout even louder and laugh. All part of a fun Saturday Matinee. Great stuff:) well your purpose, genius or passion is like that. I know it’s no ‘Baddie’ far from it! just like the pantomime character it’s hiding right there in the open..where everyone can see it..and you are the one turning, turning and asking “where?”

Have you ever felt like that?

Maybe you have seen a real life might have been entertainment at a party or something? You know it’s magic..a clever trick of deception or sleight of hand, but you can’t figure it out for the life of you..until you see him doing the trick with someone else and see that he’s getting their attention to move there so that he can do something over here. “that’s how he does it” you sigh. All part of the entertainment, the glamour of the evening.

Fascinating isn’t it?

What’s the point I hear you ask? The point is that our genius is hiding in plain sight or the trick is being performed right in front of your nose. It’s right there for you..all the time. It always was there. All you have to do is spot it:) think of all the energy you’ve spent asking “where?” and turning, turning. Its like looking for your car keys. The more you look the more they elude you! You are the hero on your stage? “it’s behind you!” one of life’s great jokes don’t you think? Laugh with me and we’ll both enjoy the panto!

Maybe some of the advice your friends keep offering you is great advice because they can see the trick you are playing on yourself? But they’re your friends..”they mean well, but what do they know?” You say to yourself. Quite often they can see something that you don’t quite. They might not give you the feedback quite right, but maybe it’s worth taking a moment to step back and see if you can see what’s right in front of you..don’t you think?

One of the best coaches I know spends most of her time biting her lip, hard, to restrain herself from telling her clients what she sees for them so easily. In my opinion that’s one of the two great qualities of a coach. Seeing whats right in front of the other persons nose. The other great quality I refer to is the ability to create a space for her clients where they get to see it for themselves. They get the insight and after that life is different! Now that in my opinion is worth paying for!

But if you don’t have a coach there are a few things that might work for you? After all what you are looking for is hiding in plain sight?

First, life is a whole body experience. You’ll be somewhere, doing something and you will suddenly feel full of energy. Remember being in love for the first time? There you have experienced it! or maybe you’ll get a headache or a pain somewhere. No its not just that you should be wearing your glasses or sitting properly. Your body is giving you a sign. It’s funny how we don’t think this stuff is is. Louise Hays book sold 38 million copies for good reason. So when your body tells you something..take note, look around. There’s something there for you.

Second look on the edges of your vision, not at what is right in front of you. Just like the magicians trick. Often the thing that’s right in front of you, your job or business, your everyday busy life is the diversion and if you just look in what else is going on there is something there for you? You’ll get the knack for this pretty quickly once you start practicing

Third think back to your childhood. Those times that you might now think of as naive, now that you’ve taken on all the conditioning that adulthood brings. Think of the things you loved to do as a kid. The things that made you feel really good, especially if you stopped doing them and don’t really remember why, are parts of your life that you haven’t taken advantage in your adulthood.

Finally, when you see it, the trick, the genius, your passion, don’t resist it. Laugh, swear, sigh or cry and let yourself know that what you’ve seen is there for you in your life. It’s a fantastic way forward to enrich your life All part of the rich tapestry. Once you’ve let this new possibility in your life, your tapestry will be richer for it. Don’t believe me? Ok ill prove it. Look back a while later on that moment and you’ll wonder how you didn’t do it years ago.Try’ll get better and the more you see it the easier it will become

Now it may sound like I’m asking you to change the way you live your life or try harder or something, but that would just be looking for the car keys again. The best thing to do is just carry on living and the car keys will turn up, like magic! I hope that just reading this is enough..enough to jog your raise your remember the true you. If you don’t see anything right here, right now, then watch for it over the coming days and weeks. It will be there:)

Once you see it more clearly, your genius, your purpose, then a new and richer life opens up for you. Don’t be afraid to take that have unique DNA and your best, most successful an harmonious life is the one where you go with the passions and purpose that are uniquely yours. You won’t have any option except to enjoy it;)

If you would like to read more of this its all here..

in my book Life Beyond Money. Enjoy it!