About Julian

In 2010 my life made a complete turn to the left. It happened when my Mum passed and in her dying she asked me a question

“Are you making a living, or living a life?”

I realised that I hadn’t been living..really living. I changed quite a few things after Mum passed. Life changed. It’s is all described in my book Life Beyond Money, written in 2012.

After 30 years in corporate life I headed out on my own looking to find a new way to live. In 2010 I first picked up a video camera, bought in an airport duty free. It was the best one in the shop. I started filming and in 2014 I realised that filming was what I loved best. If you have ever watched Steve Jobs Stanford speech it was me ‘joining the dots’ and suddenly understanding what to do next


I studied camera work with Christina Fox, a BBC cameraperson and trainer at Urbanfox. Then I was privileged to train with Nic Askew. His Soul Biographies filming gave me a big next step in starting to find my own style as a film maker. I count Nic as a mentor even though I am following my own path these days, as we all are.

My next mentor and friend is Andrew Hassenruck. He’s an ex BBC film editor, man and boy. What he doesn’t know about putting a film together isn’t worth knowing! As more than half of making a film is in the post production, learning from and working with Andrew has been a huge part of developing my style.

What is my style?

I love filming because it allows me to tap into a creativity that I wasn’t aware of for many years. I love that! I have developed a filming style that works in reverse to regular TV production. Its all about filming in the moment, seeing what develops and capturing that. It allows for creativity to give me the pieces of the film and then I assemble it into a finished film. Its a lovely process that I thoroughly enjoy!

And then there is you..

Ever since 2014 the camera has led me on a journey. A journey to meet and film people. Wonderful people like you. I’ve heard some great stories, helped great people share messages. You can see my films on Youtube.

300 films later my style is still developing. I love that! I have a dream to film a full documentary reminding us all how amazing it is to be human. I’m looking forward to filming more great people.

Its my way of changing the world for the better..why not join me?